“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

– Aristotle, Greek philosopher

 (384-322 BCE)

Why are critical thinking skills important? This is because the selections that you make affect your quality of life. And if you wish to confirm that you live your best, most successful and happy life, you’re visiting to form conscious choices, which will finish in a straightforward thing referred to as critical thinking. 

What is Critical Thinking?

You’ve undoubtedly heard of it, but you may not be entirely sure what it means, and that’s because there are many definitions. For the foremost part, however, we predict critical thinking because of the process of analyzing facts to make a judgment. We might grasp it as engaging in systematic evaluative thinking. 

How has the definition evolved over time?

The first time critical thinking was documented is believed to be within the teachings of Socrates, recorded by Plato. However, throughout history, the definition has changed. Today, it’s best understood by philosophers and psychologists, and it’s believed to be a highly complex concept. Some insightful modern-day critical thinking definitions include:

“Reasonable, reflective thinking that’s focused on deciding what to believe or do.”

“Deciding what’s true and what you must do.”

Critical thinking skills
Critical thinking helps effective problem solving

Why do today’s employers look for critical thinkers?

You might have come across some complex interview questions. For instance, how will you cut a cake into eight pieces with three cuts? Even when you don’t know the answer, the interviewer wants to delve into your thought process. You can tackle such questions by explaining your thought process, and you will not fail to make a good impression. Employers need candidates who can assess a situation logically, even if the solution is not the best. 

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Example of critical thinking skills in routine-

  • A manager appraises an employee’s performance and uses this for directing others.
  • An author decides what chapters to include around the book’s central theme.
  • A dancer decides the order in which steps are to be performed.
  • The housewife decides what supper menu will serve the context the best.

The Importance of Critical Thinking

 Why is it important? Here are some undeniable reasons why it’s crucial to own these skills. 

1.Its relevance is Universal-

To think with a critical mindset could be a domain-general thinking skill. What does this mean? It implies that regardless of what path or profession you pursue, these skills will always be relevant and beneficial to your success. They’re not specific to any field.

2. Crucial For The Economy

Our future depends on technology, information, and innovation.  Analyzing about what is required for our fast-growing economies to unravel problems as quickly and effectively as possible.

3. Improves Language & Presentation Skills 

Critical thinking also means breaking down texts and successively improving our understanding ability. To best express ourselves, we want to grasp the way to think clearly and systematically — meaning practice critical thinking! 

4. Promotes Creativity

By practising critical thinking, we allow ourselves to unravel problems and come up with new and artistic ideas to try and do so. Thinking critically will enable us to investigate these ideas and adjust them accordingly.

critical thinking and self reflection

5. Important For Self-Reflection

Without thinking with a critique’s mental abilities, how can we actually live a meaningful life? We want this skill to self-reflect and justify our ways of life and opinions. This way provides us with the tools to gauge ourselves in the way we’d like to.

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6. The idea Of Science & Democracy

To possess a democracy and prove scientific facts, we’d like evaluative thinking within the world. Theories must be protected with knowledge. Because, for a society to effectively function, its citizens have to establish opinions about what’s right and wrong (by using critical thinking!).

Critical thinking is possible only we adopt the ways of listening and reading critically. Critically thinking does not mean to criticize every event, thought or person. On the contrary, it is a way to reach systematically. This way of reacting with systematic evaluation results from specific skills. Practising them discards old ways of blindly following and complying with the norms. After an objective assessment of perspectives, the evaluation clearly tells the pros and cons of different alternatives.

Reasonably good thinking skills involve choosing between helpful and less helpful information. This results in what we call “informed decision making”. To know more about the skills that can make you live life intelligently, you might want to buy the book, 15 Values for Intelligent living.

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