What to Do When You Dislike Yourself

What to Do When You Dislike Yourself – A lot of people just feel like we don’t deserve to have our dreams come true or have good things happen to us. Sometimes no matter how far we’ve made it or how much we’ve already accomplished we still don’t feel content. A person needs to be aware of their feelings and attitude so they can start to change for the better. Here are the signs you may be suffering from disliking yourself and even just you don’t know it.

What to Do When You Dislike Yourself


  • Tear yourself down. Self-hate makes your own worst critic. Keeping an eye on your shortcomings is a good thing. You’re quick to blame yourself whenever something goes wrong even if it’s not your fault.
  • You never commend yourself for a job well done but rather criticize yourself for even the tiniest of mistakes.
  • You feel insecure around others. If you find that other people make you feel insecure about yourself, A lot it might be time to ask yourself why? Most likely it’s because you’re constantly comparing yourself to them and then feeling like you’ll never be able to measure up, no matter what you do.
  • You don’t let yourself be happy. You are a pessimist who’s quick at finding the negative aspect in every situation. You don’t see yourself in a positive light and refuse to believe what others say.
  • You isolate yourself from others. You struggle to maintain relationships with others because you feel like you don’t deserve their love. Often you feel their attention and love are a burden to you.
  • You put on a facade for others. You are one way when you’re by yourself and then another when you’re around other people. You wear a mask and don’t let other people see the real you
  • You are afraid to dream big. Having ambition and dreaming of something big for yourself scares you.
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  • You must start small by showing compassion for yourself. You must like yourself and also you must be very clear that, by liking someone you will not get anything instead if you love yourself you will gain some skills and ability to do your jobs perfectly.
  • You should find one or two things which you like And you must spend more of your time thinking only about the things which you like and you must regret the things which you dislike
  • You should not always consider your flaws and mistakes. Because the flaws and mistakes are the two factors that define you. So avoid thinking of the mistakes which you have made.
  • You must practice self-talk. To overcome your problems you must practice only positive self-talk. Self-talk helps you a lot to overcome your stress and depression. Examples of practicing self-talk include thinking that you are very smart and you are very beautiful.
  • Practice accepting compliments. If someone points to you and tell that you have a good quality or a good skill then at that point you must accept their compliment rather than arguing with them and making them feel disappointment
  • You must improve your mental health by overcoming stress and depression which also makes you like yourself as a person.
  • If you are facing a lot of problems you must sit and think for a while about where it has been created and you must try to find out the root of the problem. If you can find the root of the problem then you can find the solution to the problem
  • You must always do things full of your heart and mind never do a thought half-hearted. You must be always very clear about your thoughts and feelings. You should not do any activities which affect these.
  • Challenge your negative thoughts and stay positive. Reframe or change the direction of your thoughts. If you find it difficult to do a job from one perspective then viewing the same job on the other side it can be done more easily.
  • Try to spend your precious time with people only with those who make you happy and feel better. Spending time with the ones who add pressure and stress on you is added burden to you. So spend your happy time with happy people you admire.
  • Rather than spending time with those the negative persons who develop negative feelings and depression in you can opt to be alone. In these cases rather than collapsing with others being solo will help you a lot
  • Expose your thoughts and feelings to others. Make a list of persons to whom you can share your thoughts and feelings with confidentiality. Don’t hide your feelings. If you are angry at some issue then show it off. Expressing your thoughts is very important
  • You must understand that there is no negative thing about asking for help. Asking for help from someone should not be considered an act of shame. You must also not let the ego rule your head.
  • Find a therapist or psychologist whom you follow to overcome the perception which you have of not liking yourself. By consulting them you can slowly see the changes in your attitude and behavior and also, in the end, you will try to be a good person.
  • When you have time list out the compliments that you have. When you feel down or at difficult times seeing those compliments which will have great effects and will change your mood to find a solution to your problem
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I hope this article will be helpful for the readers who are dealing with the problem of disliking their characters. Many of us will have a certain point in our life where we will feel shame about our decision and we’ll be blinking off how to overcome that situation.  So in that case these tricks will help you to overcome your problem and to find a better you.

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