What Are Bad Habits And How To Prevent Them

What Are Bad Habits And How To Prevent Them – Any habit which is unimportant for your development as well as which is misleading to you can be considered a bad habit. Every individual has their habits which include both good and bad. Good habits are always good but bad habits are not always bad.  Scientists say that some bad habits are also good for our health.

What Are Bad Habits And How To Prevent Them

What Are Bad Habits And How To Prevent Them {For Good}

Habits make a person wise. Nowadays kids are learning what is a good habit from their kindergarten,  so they will not face any difficulties to practice good habits and avoid bad habits. Scientists say that to practice any habit we must follow a pattern of doing the work for a minimum of 66 days.

Good habits take a longer time to be practiced than a bad habits but breaking a bad habit will take a longer time. So we must try to follow only good habits.


Certain bad habits have dangerous effects on your health.  Now let us see a few bad habits with their effects on the health of human beings. 

  • Cracking your knuckles

      Cracking your knuckles disturb your friends and the person who is near to you.  Cracking your knuckles makes your bones weaker and in some cases, it will lead you to higher chances of getting arthritis.

What Are Bad Habits And How To Prevent Them {For Good}

  • Biting Nails

     Biting nails must be considered a seriously bad habit.  When you bite your nails the skin nearer to your nails gets damaged which automatically invites the germs to get infected in your nails and turn when you take your nails to your mouth for biting the germs will directly get into your mouth and will start to infect your body.  You may be affected with a cold or some ill symptoms due to the deposition of the germs in your body on the account of biting nails.

  • Sleeplessness

     Nowadays people are not having proper sleep time, which makes them be a recipient of blood pressure,  diabetes, depression, etc. So you must have a proper sleep time of 7 to 8 hours a day.

  • Usage of Headphones 

     The use of headphones makes the sounds audible more than the normal audible hearing sound range of humans. So try to how are using headphones for more than a couple of hours. It may also have the effect of damaging your ears as well as your brain tissues. In adults, it may have serious effects like losing the thinking capacity.

What Are Bad Habits And How To Prevent Them {For Good}

  • Eating too much

      Eating too much has many adverse effects. You will surely gain weight even though if you eat a healthy food lot.  So try to maintain a healthy diet and eat your food at times.  Taking your food at improper times can also be considered a bad habit.  So try to take the correct amount of healthy food at an appropriate time.

  • Eating Quickly 

       Eating quickly must be considered a seriously bad habit. Whenever we compare a fast eating person with a slow eating person the quantity of food that is eaten will vary. Eating slowly makes your brain recognize how much amount of food you need as well as eating slower makes your stomach full even with small amounts of food.  So try to eat slowly and chew the food  properly


                 Once Upon a Time, a rich man asked an old man to help his son to change his bad habits. So one day the old man asked the rich man’s son to come for a walk with him. When both started walking the old man pointed out a small little plant and ask the boy to pluck it.

He easily plucked the small plant single-handedly. The old man told the boy to keep the plant with him. Then after taking a few steps he pointed out a plant slightly bigger than the previous one and asked the boy to pluck it.  Now he tried with a little bit stronger and plucked the plant. 

Then after stepping a few more steps the old man pointed out a big plant and asked the boy to pluck it. Now the boy gave his full effort and strength to pluck the big plant. Now after walking a few more steps,  the old man asked the boy to throw all plants which he have in his hand.

Then he pointed out a small tree and asked the boy to get him that tree.  Now the boy tried with his full effort and strength but he could not pluck it. 

Now, the old man told the boy that this also suits his bad habits.  If we let the bad habits grow and take roots we cannot overcome them. So try to protect yourself from bad habits before making them take their roots.

What Are Bad Habits And How To Prevent Them


Overcoming bad habits is not an easy task. It can be achieved only step by step.  So if you make the initial actions properly then you will come to a fruitful result.  Here are some  tips on how to prevent bad habits,

  •  If you think that your surrounding is misleading for the practice your bad habit then you must immediately change your surroundings 
  • You must take your own time before changing a habit whether it is good or bad.  It is good to think for a month before executing your decision
  •  You must find a better and more valid reason why you are going to quit your bad habit
  • Before getting involved in any bad habits you must think and remind of your future
  • You must train yourself to get out of a specific bad habit rather than consulting others
  •  You should be very calm and patient during the process of overcoming your bad habits. 
  • You must focus on which habit you must change
  •  You can also practice mindfulness as well as meditation to protect yourself from a bad habit


I hope this article will be useful for the reader who is waiting for the right time to overcome their bad habits. If you practice daily you can easily overcome your bad habits.  If you think before getting into any habits you will not even have a single bad habit. 

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