Value of Leisure

Value of Leisure – Leisure means free time or the time when our mind is relaxed and the body is at rest.  It is the sweetest moment when we pass our time in relaxing our stress and pressure.  Modern life is very busy and complicated with little scope for leisure.

Value Of Leisure

Value of Leisure How to Make it Part of Your Life

So we should set a part of our day or a day in a week as leisure for rest or we can make a program to spend our time in a peaceful way. We may spend it in various ways which include swimming, watching TV, reading books, walking,  gardening, etc


Leisure means free time. We have no time to stop, to look around us. We begin our day with the tensions of our work and end it with those of traffic and power cuts.

For many of us there is no reason to escape from this situation, but our lives would be different if we spent 10 minutes off from our busy schedules to admire a butterfly, the smell of flowers, or listen to the song of birds. Some of us even like to just sit down alone and flour our minds with our thoughts.

The physical and mental system of man gets tired and exhausted unless it has occasional rest after every few hours.

Value of Leisure How to Make it Part of Your Life

  • Sleep is compulsory leisure ensured by Mother Nature. Indeed leisure is almost as necessary for life as food and exercise. But the human mind cannot remain an altogether vacant void.
  • Reading books, enjoying games, watching movies, sightseeing, visiting friends for pleasure, or even merely sitting in the open gazing at the natural beauty, children at play are all the good ways to spend one leisure. The man who works sincerely will enjoy his leisure fruitfully.
  • It promotes his skill and makes him more enterprising. So leisure is not entertaining but also it is very important to follow our lives. However, a man may enjoy his leisure in different ways but misusing leisure is not desirable. Leisure is valuable for a hard worker but is quite useless to an ideal person.
  • Leisure time activities have great value in our life. These activities give us a chance to spend our free time in a stress-free way. These activities provide us facility to spend our time in a useful way.
  • Leisure time activities are good for our health. After a day of hard work, we feel tired and bored and so we need something different from our daily life routine.
  • Leisure activities provide us with entertainment in our lives. They give us a chance to enjoy our life. there are many leisure activities so one has to choose good leisure activities to spend his free time.
  • A hobby is a great way to spend leisure time. Different people have different hobbies so people must choose their hobbies according to their wishes and desires. I have also many leisure time activities in my life and my favorite leisure time activity is reading books.
  • When selecting a leisure activity we must be more concerned about the question of whether it is good for our life or it is bad for our life. You must consider this before you start using that particular leisure time to spend your free time


  • Leisure time lowers our stress levels and depression
  • Mental Wellness is an important part of our overall health and can impact our physical well-being. Participating in leisure and recreation activities can help us better manage stress and reduce depression
  • Practicing regular leisure activities can help us to control and prevent various diseases
  • It can also improve your psychological satisfaction
  • Hobbies that require some level of physical activity also create chemical changes in our body that help reduce stress but even if our hobby does not require physical activity we can still benefit we must also consent to the fact that too much free time can become problematic
  • It also helps one to improve their connection with others and interpersonal relationships
  • It also helps in building self-confidence and it helps to boost the sense of work achievement
  • It improves the connection and relationship between you and your friends


Leisure time activities are the activities that we do during our free time.  There are different types of leisure time activities. Taking a step back from our daily work and enjoying our free time happily is very important. It improves our mental and physical condition of the body.

Value of Leisure How to Make it Part of Your Life

It controls our minds and gives us the energy to work even better the next time in any field.  These activities relieve us from all the stress and improve our well-being.  Leisure time activities help in gaining a work-life balance that keeps our life active and happy.


  • Playing badminton
  • Listening to songs
  • Reading books or newspaper
  • Gardening
  • Playing games with friends
  • Dancing
  • Exercising
  • Photography
  • Baking
  • Singing
  • Sewing
  • Painting
  • Yoga
  • Fishing
  • Solving puzzles


Human beings on the whole are more apt to be idle when they should work than to work when they require rest. Therefore hobbies build confidence because being good at something and learning something new is very rewarding. Many people are confused about how to employ their leisure time.

There are many people who think that leisure means plain idleness. Leisure time does not mean that we adopt such activities which are not according to our age or we start wasting our much time. Like some people are in the habit of putting off their work for tomorrow one great danger of this bad habit lies in the uncertainty of the future.

So passing the time is perfectly harmless if used in moderation as means of refreshing our very faculties. Leisure time is necessary for us and no doubt we should have it.

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