How To Keep Performing Under Peer Pressure Combatting peer pressure

How To Keep Performing Under Peer Pressure – Peer Pressure is nothing but the influence caused by persons of your age or your friends on you. The pressure may be positive or negative.  Based on this Peer pressure is divided into two parts positive pressure and negative peer pressure.

How To Keep Performing Under Peer Pressure

How To Keep Performing Under Peer Pressure Combatting peer pressure

Peer pressure impacts a person in all ways.  It can either motivate the person or demotivate him by the way of the impacts given by their peers. Positive peer pressure only gives you growth and it has no negative effect. Negative peer pressure always demotivates you.  If it is not corrected properly at the right time it may also lead to the failure of your life.


             Engaging in bullying,  using social media in the wrong manner, dressing up nicely as well as acting in public can cause peer pressure.  Here we can see what are the strategies to be performed to handle peer pressure and how to perform well under peer pressure,

How To Keep Performing Under Peer Pressure

  • You must decide on what work you must engage in.  You should not decide on considering your friends or your peers’ decisions.  If you want to engage a group or work first you must have a clear vision of that particular group.  If all seems to be perfect or it seems it suits you then can engage in that work.
  • You must pre-plan all your work. Planning your work plays a major role to work under peer pressure. You must make sure you are confident of what work you about can do and that which you cannot do. You must also think about your responsibilities and abilities to work in different situations.
  • You must make your open talk to the person who pressures you. You must openly talk about all the things and matters rich or insecure and disturbing you. Only if you talk to the other person who gives or he who is the reason for your peer pressure may understand your feelings as soon as they can stop giving pressure on you.
  • You must have a secret code of communication with your parents.  It helps you in some situations where you are facing difficulty to overcome it.  Your parents must be able to understand that if you type something (secret code) they must know that you are under trouble or pressure.  So it makes them come and boost you up.
  • If you say no you must be confident that you no longer need it or you don’t want to intrude on it. You must know your limitations and you should not be involved in unwanted things. If your peer is trying to get you involved in unwanted things in which you are not interested then you must say no without any hesitation.  This makes them create some lesser peer pressure on you.
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There are both pros and cons to peer pressure.  Now let us see five ways to handle negative peer pressure,

  • First, you must choose your friends wisely. Friends or Peers may encourage you to choose both positive and negative choices. You must be clear about choosing the friends who encourage you to choose the right choices.
  • If you are in an uncomfortable situation like someone is offering you to take wine or alcohol then you must not immediately respond. You must take a little moment of breath and think of the circumstances you have and then you must say the thought of your perception.
  • If you feel something is unnecessary and unwanted to you then immediately say “NO”. Even though if your peers are forcing on you must not do anything against your decision. Practicing how to say “NO” can make you lead a life with less peer pressure.
  • If you are not willing to say no then you must consider the consequences of saying “YES”.  You must realize the problem coming in the future if you offer “Yes”. Taking a moment to realize the consequence is very important.  In some cases, it may become your life-changing decision.  So you must be careful on saying yes or no as well as you must consider all the consequences
  • You must consider the alternatives of coming out of peer pressure.  In all the above cases considering the alternatives may help you in all stages of your life. 

How To Keep Performing Under Peer Pressure Combatting peer pressure


         Instead of performing under peer pressure, one can choose to avoid peer pressure to perform well.  If you want to perform well under a peer, pressure then you must know how to handle your peer pressure as well as how to avoid your peer pressure.  Now let us see how to avoid peer pressure,

  • If someone is trying to force you to do some bad habits like drinking or smoking, instead of saying yes or no you can question them why do you do smoke or drink alcohol?  This makes you avoid some negative peer pressure
  • Speak out the thought of yours boldly 
  • Examine your friendship with others
  • Know when to say “No” and “Yes”
  • If you know that some peer pressure is created on some other place you can either avoid going to that place or you can exit from entering that place
  • Try to communicate in a short and simple way
  • Build self-confidence. It makes you face a worse situation in an easy way
  • Predominantly avoid getting into a stressful situation
  •  Try to do things that strike your mind and trust your heart
  • Think of yourselves as your best friend 
  • Gain support from the trusted ones
  • Make new friends
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How To Keep Performing Under Peer Pressure Combatting peer pressure


The most important thing in your life is to live your life with integrity and not give in to peer pressure to try to be something that you’re not. Though you face more peer pressure,  only some of the peer pressure can be avoided. 

So we must try to give our level best to perform under peer pressure to succeed in our life.  I hope this article will help the reader to get some positive thoughts on how to deal with peer pressure.

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