How to Get Along With Controlling Parents

How to Get Along With Controlling Parents – Having controlling parents can be frustrating and exhausting. Parents use the authoritarian style of parenting in this style has been known to cause different emotional stress and disorders in children. The emotional stress does not end in their childhood but continues into adulthood.

How to Get Along With Controlling Parents


Controlling parents are known to be manipulative in their ways. They believe everything about them is right for their children. Their children will not have the right to express what they think to their parents because their parents control them.

  • There will be no breathing space for their children. Controlling parents do not give breathing space to their children. They always want to know what they’re doing, their plans, where they’re going who they talk to, to chat with friends, and keep interfering in their child’s private life. They do not believe their children should have a personal life or keep anything away.
  • Criticizing every decision their children make. As controlling parents always want to be a part of their children’s lives they believe any decision they make is best. They force their children to opt for their decision despite the child is not willing to choose it.
  • Setting unattainable standards and unrealistic rules. Parents set standards for their children that are unattainable. If your parents keep expecting you to come out on top in class without providing lessons or giving you a speech to read then they’re setting impossible standards for you
  • If your parents are giving you rules and not telling you the reason for that then it is meant to be that they are controlling you.
  • Controlling parents are hard to please if you find yourself very hard trying to please, now they don’t seem to appreciate it when they ask for more. It could be a sign that your parents are controlling you.


There exists various reasons for the parents to control their children they become afraid of their children’s mistakes, they control their children without realizing that they are harming their children in the name of protecting them,  in another way they want their child to be perfect in all the ways so they tend to control them. Here are some tips which will help to deal with controlling parents and get along with them,

  • If you think that your parents’ actions are in the way that they are controlling you then you must take the responsibility for how to respond to them. You must try to imagine situations or you can act before the mirror to think about your actions when you respond in the way that will you respond to your parents and make them feel about their control over you. Practicing those situations will make you deal with the situation easier when it happens.
  • All the parents will not have the mindset to control their children. The main objective of their control is to make sure that you have a happy life and to make you a decent human being. If you feel that you are not happy with what your parents make you feel happier then it is your responsibility to please yourself and not your parents because it is your life and you must take the responsibility to make it better.
  • You must start slowly. You can also make an objective action plan or you can tell yourself that you can come out of your controlling parents slowly and steadily. You must build confidence that you can talk to your parents and make them realize the reflections of their thoughts and actions which they made on you.
  • You must stop arguing with your parents to change their decisions. It is the same in your case like you cannot control your parents. So instead of arguing with them, you can change the manner how you respond to them and this will be helpful for you at one time that will change the way how your parents treat you
  • Openly talk to your parents that they are controlling you and they are not letting you live your life. Try to convey this to your parents in a softer tone rather than being harsh or showing temper toward your parents
  • Try to repair your past. Having grudges against your parents it’s not an example of a healthy relationship so try to resolve and repair your feelings with your parents by talking to them. Forgive your parents for the mistakes they made and at times you must also try to forgive yourself for the way how you react to them.
  • The other way is that keep your distance from your parents for a short time. This will make them confront you for what reason you might be staying a distance from them. Now you can use this opportunity to make them realize their forcefulness on you.
  • Discuss with your parents and set boundaries for you and your parents. This will make you as well as your parents make decisions in your life easier.
  • Even if you don’t find any piece by using all these tricks you can consider a therapist to improve. Talk to your parents and see a therapist together to resolve your problem.
  • Spend more time with your parents. The main problem in today’s upcoming generation is they are not spending enough time with their parents. So this makes their parents opt for a decision against their child’s will.  Because they don’t have time to understand and realize the things that their child likes.  So spending time with your parents will take you to get rid of these things


Parents control you only for the welfare of you and your future. If you understand your parents well or your parents understand you well then there will be no controlling parents. The above-mentioned tips will be useful for the people who have a controlling parent and try to get out of it.

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