Best Ways to Cope With Stress That You Must Know!

Best Ways to Cope With Stress – Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It can come from any event or thought that makes you feel frustrated angry or nervous. It is your body’s reaction to a challenge or demand.

Best Ways to Cope With Stress

Best Ways to Cope With Stress


Stress is very dangerous. This fact needs no stress. It can harm our heart, brain, kidneys, lungs, and nervous system indeed all our vital organs. It can cause heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, nervous breakdown, and many internal organs-related diseases. In the modern hectic life stress is a great menace.

The most unsatisfactory thing in modern life is that man is so busy with external matters that he has no time for himself. He has no time to think deeply even to breathe deeply. The students have to go to school hurriedly. At school, they are preoccupied with their studies.

They have to be very attentive in the class otherwise they can miss some important points and fail or get lower marks or grades which can prove disastrous for their career.


Stress can be divided into two types which are Eustress and distress. Eustress is a positive force and distress is a negative force. Eustress pumps and motivates you to perform well on the other hand distress adapts you to many negative demands. Eustress is good for us in our development.


  • You must be positive
  • You must get support from your friends and families
  • You must know the cause of your stress
  • You must work as a network to overcome stress
  • You must change your lifestyle
  • You must know the time management skills which help you in reducing stress
  • Be active in all the activities in which you are involved
  • Take time out and breaks whenever it is needed


  • You will feel difficulty in concentrating, worrying, anxiety and you will face the trouble of remembering
  • You will be angry, irritated, Moody, or frustrated
  • Physical signs include high blood pressure, changes in weight, frequent colds or infections, and changes in the menstrual cycle
  • It also includes poor self-care, not having time for the things you enjoy, or relying on drugs and alcohol to cope with stress


Stress is a complex phenomenon and is the body’s response that serves as a survival instinct to any danger.  Stress is a state of mind reflecting certain biochemical reactions  In a human body that is projected by a sense of anxiety, panic, or depression. Stress management becomes necessary as it helps an individual break the hold that stress has on one’s life.

Stress can harm one’s mental and physical health so managing stress helps one live a healthy life. Stress management helps to achieve a balanced life’s ultimate goal, Work with the proper time, and separate time for family friends, and relations. It also gives us the resilience to work under pressure and face challenges.  However as not every individual is affected by the same thing, similarly not the same things cause everyone stress. So the stress management techniques for every individual it’s different.


  • First, you must identify the cause. You must recognize and accept what is bothering you and you must develop a plan to overcome it
  • You must build a supportive relationship. You must try to connect with family and close friends as well as you must help support and empathize with others
  • You must review your lifestyle. Try to eat well, sleep well and avoid smoking to reduce your stress
  • You must recognize your life and manage your time efficiently. Try to prioritize your tasks as much possible as before to get rid of tension and stress.
  • Do physical exercise daily. Set a daily training schedule and build good habits
  • Rest your mind. Be mindful and learn as well as practice mental relaxation, yoga, and meditation
  • Change your attitude. Be realistic, overcome your negative thinking and avoid being hard on yourself
  • Get help from others. Consult with your psychologist or try to contact a person who can help you to deal with your stress.
  • Make time for hobbies and self-care. It is very important to take care of ourselves despite busy schedules
  • Do what you can do now and plan the rest on time. Get your life well organized and make a timetable and work accordingly.
  • Do meditation. It eases anxiety and relaxes the mind and body. Meditation is a popular form of stress management. 15 minutes a day of meditation can make a huge impact in reducing your stress level
  • Inhale deeply. Slow and deep breathing frees your mind off undesired touch and provides more oxygen to the brain
  • Take balanced food. Consuming a healthy and balanced diet can help you to get rid of stress
  • Laughter makes us feel good so don’t be afraid to laugh out loud even when you are alone. It is a good way to reduce stress.
  • Listen to music. Listening to music can lower your blood pressure and heart rate as well as anxiety. It also makes you feel lighter.
  • Spare some time for sports and entertainment. It gives you positive energy and physical fitness to fight stress
  • Accept that you cannot control everything all the time and that is OK

In this modern world, more than 80% of people are suffering from stress. If we follow these tips we can be free from tension and worries we have to be very careful and stress-free by applying stress management techniques in our life. We can make our lives better through stress management by overcoming stress.

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