Activities for Social-Emotional Learning

Activities for Social-Emotional Learning – Learning about social emotions is very important because it helps us to understand our own emotions and be considerate of others. The more we practice social-emotional skills by learning them the more we will be able to overcome new or challenging situations. We will also do activities that prompt discussion about emotions and help us be more understanding and thoughtful in social situations to promote our social emotions. Many of us can’t be at school but we can still learn social-emotional skills at home with books and plays.

Activities for Social-Emotional Learning


Learning about emotions can help us be good friends with others by teaching us important skills like patience and tone. You can understand yourself, control impulses, stress, and emotions, understand the perspectives and feelings of others, identify problems, and brainstorm solutions by regularly practicing social-emotional learning.

  • You can develop social emotions from your home by simply reading books and playing the best way you continue to learn and build your emotional skills from home
  • Read with your family as much as you can because reading helps us see things from others’ points of view and teaches us communication skills
  • Great way to explore and discuss different emotions with our families is important for our social development that we also build our confidence and self-esteem.
  • We can build self emotional skills by talking with our families about things that make us happy or things we like about ourselves. You can make use of the cube game and design egg emotions as a great way to explore your thoughts and feelings with your family members
  • First, you must learn how to identify your emotions and have an accurate self-perception of yourself to improve your social-emotional skills
  • You can enhance your social-emotional learning by doing arts and crafts. It helps you get relief from stress and motivates you to do something positive.
  • You can do mindfulness activities like meditation and yoga which also improves your social-emotional learning. It develops self-learning and self-management qualities.
  • Try to do a lot of partner activities. For example, talk to each other, complement each other, Listen to each other and ask other questions. This will build your social emotions and you will come across various emotions while discussing with others.
  • Performing practical tasks like Irrigating plants, Sharpening pencils, Erasing the chalkboard, Keeping path of organized projects, Carrying attendance to the center, Keeping the homeroom book collection arranged, and Turning the bulbs off and on in the study hall has important contribution toward building social-emotional skills
  • Understanding Feelings Actions- Feelings (affections) are any of human nature. They present our information about what we’re bearing as well as help us know how to respond. To handle troublesome or challenging positions, it is main that both children, as well as adults, get to understand; as well as appreciate their feelings and be determined to understand that all people have emotions. Understanding Feelings lists various actions that will admit practice abilities for admitting and directing emotions.
  • You must have a growth mindset to face all your situations in life. A growth mindset helps you to know how to deal with situations and get rid of the stress to solve that problem. In case you have fixed my set you will be not able to socially collaborate with others to improve your skills and you will be always with your fixed mindset and you will do regular things so you cannot improve your social-emotional learning.
  • Practicing being kind to everyone. Greet everyone with a smile and treat them with happy face. This could be one of the best ways to interact with them to improve your social learning.
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Children are the ones who develop social-emotional learning at an early age. Only in those periods, one can develop their skills throughout their lifetime so developing social-emotional skills at the school level can help one make the most benefit of it.

  • Hand students with cups when they enter the classroom and ask them to write their names on them and keep them in a safe place. They cups represent their worth. The cup is used as a tool to start a discussion with students on reasons why worth can be associated with performance, the negative thoughts and feelings that can result, and ways to change their thinking
  • Make two students in a class as a pair and ask them to explain themselves from each other’s perspectives. This may help them as well as other students to understand themselves which improves the social emotions of another
  • You can choose students to operate a pinwheel and use it as a tool to reduce anxious feelings. Teach them to blow on the pinwheel and make it spin whenever they feel anxious. Without noticing they will start engaging in deep breathing to calm down
  • Tell students different stories like Winnie the Pooh. By explaining stories they will improve their social-emotional skills. They will understand that when they work together, they always achieve the best results. The same is true with teamwork. Engage students in a discussion about each of the characters in the story, helping them to understand how teams can work well together


Social-emotional learning will build up a student with a high degree of the below quality

  • React properly in bad situations
  • Self-reflection
  • Self-awareness
  • Engage in stress management techniques
  • Show up on time
  • Analyzing situations
  • Self- management
  • Be organized and locate materials
  • Stay true to their convictions
  • Problem-solving
  • Relationship skills
  • Responsibility
  • Take initiative when required
  • Manage a variety of emotions
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I hope this content will be helpful for all the readers to gain some knowledge about building up social-emotional skills by performing the activities which are mentioned above. Social-emotional skills or literary important for an individual to become successful in his career. They also indirectly contribute to the growth of the individual in all the sectors of his or her life. There are many activities which you can perform to improve your social-emotional skills.

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