Cushy Values aims to supplement the sacred process of education by providing holistic development based on the strong foundation of desired attitudes and core values. This is aimed to equip individuals with moral and intellectual compass while helping them to be reflective and creative learners.

A beautiful concept this effort is relying on is called Values-based Education (VbE) or values-based learning. When learning takes place keeping basic virtues in mind, it is simply values-based education or VbE. It teaches to confront the external world problems with appropriate attitudes and actions. It also gives flavor to academic achievements as it teaches the skills to lead a fulfilled life along with striving for professional results. When values like collaboration and cooperation foster, the learning ecosystem gets stronger and resilient.

Our pathway to values based learning

  • Cognitive values- Values like problem solving, sustained attention, the art of learning, curiosity, perception, reflective thinking, dealing with failures, creative thinking, and innovation, intellectual perseverance, intellectual humility are focused on through the curriculum as well as extra-curricular activities. According to our survey, employers in the current scenario require candidates who can sustain their attention spans for extended periods of time.
  • Moral and emotional values- Considering that moral education also plays necessity for social control as well as self-realization, specialists call these values as “developing humans”. values like constitutional values, empathy, integrity, emotional management, objectivity, kindness, honesty, coordination, and cooperation, social justice and equality.
  • Spiritual values- consciousness, mindfulness, breathing pattern sets, mind-body connection, body language appropriateness, faith and religion, flexibility and balance in the body, health management, cultural perseveration.

About Founder

Ayushi Rawat is an enthusiast of bringing transformation in the way learning happens. She is an experienced trainer of values based education services. Her book, 15 Values for Intelligent Living gives her introduction as an observer, learner, writer, blogger and consultant. Self-proclaimed lover of art and yoga, she decided to make a transformational change in the educational process by providing holistic values-based education and founded an organisation, Cushy Values dedicated to the same. Her exposure to the different experiences- struggling at attempting civil services, winning a yogathon, and encountering with spiritual leaders made her learn the benefits of harnessing multiple capabilities of a human. After completing her Bachelors in Business Administration, she observed the pain of others of not learning adequately and counted this observation as the privilege to start viewing learning differently from the formal education. She is just a determined consultant to several schools who searched for effective methods of learning and teaching, and now envisages to mentor everybody on what she learnt as a part of her process.

We always feel that we have worked on some skills more than others. While one may find oneself skillful at reading, writing, and analyzing, one might still try to prevent impulsive responses and be more emotionally resilient. To reduce this skewness and fully realize ourselves, we need to weaken the weaknesses and strengthen the strengths. This book is all about holistically developing the aspects of a personality and reduce the skewness in the development of multiple aspects. This holistic development is immensely significant to experience the life devoutedly. These aspects are for the blossoming of the potential of the brain, heart, and soul to realize the capabilities of the whole self. The aspects called values in this book have been given alongwith solutions to facilitate their inculcation in our personalities.