A creative mind is a mind that knows love

A creative mind produces new developments. It knows no boundaries.

So is the case with a mind that loves. In this context, it makes sense to quote a sentence from the book, The Power of Now

All the things that truly matter, beauty, love, creativity, joy and inner peace, arise from beyond the mind.

Love has the power to destroy our existing metal boundaries. We are willing and eager to shed ourselves in the flow when in love. It takes us to a place where we break down consciously constructed patterns in mind and defy the existing self-made realities. 

Love and creativity are not a rational or linear thing. Experiences are what make love. Visions, emotions, experiences, thoughts make up this world. Suffering and ecstasy, emotions and feelings and twists are all part of the love. One theory is that we view things differently when we experience love. Jens Förster and Amina Zelsel, psychologists from the University of Amsterdam, successfully tested this strange idea. The researchers discovered that love does indeed influence our thoughts. And that this powerful feeling has an impact on us.

We all surrender ourselves when in love. We “undo” some parts of ourselves and “shed” some conceptions while sunk in the feeling. There is an entirely new universe that unfolds before us. There is a feeling of being all energetic, alive, sacrificing, aggressive and connected in unique ways. This makes us sometimes lose our minds and explore the creative areas of our brains. We go to the extent of stretching beyond the boundaries of mental fences and encounter the divine within ourselves.


In fact, love could be a wonderful place to start when practicing creativity. It could be love with a person, cause, any living being, non-living thing, an experience, or a memory. We must understand as artists that love is much more than just a two-person relationship. The capacity for love lies in our own hearts’ awareness. Thus, love propels creativity. We don’t have to wait for the great love stories—those “famous” events of love or grief that are publicly significant. Instead, we focus our attention on the small that occur on a daily basis. We recognise that the attention we pay to important moments creates significance. And that meaning is something we give by fully witnessing what is in front of us.

In case you want to extract the area of love and your creative mind within yourself, perform this exercise.

  1. Spend some time with a pen and paper, colours, a camera, microphone, musical instrument or clay, as per your artistic medium.

  2. During this time, think about what is love according to you and how would you depict or explain it.

  3. Give yourself as much freedom as you need. Go beyond the existing patterns of mind.

When we strive to manifest or describe aspects of our existence that are beyond description, we are quickly drawn into a creative mode of feeling and thinking.

We transcend the mind when feeling ecstatic. Love can never be fully expressed in words or logic. Love is, at its core, a creative force. It’s not challenging to discover powerful examples of this. When you talk to young moms, you’ll hear echoes of happiness for their new kid along with quiet tones of modesty. Listening to an old, successful businessman telling you about the last words he said to his father, you’ll notice that his voice trembles with profound humility. As she sits alongside her sick child, an influential businesswoman’s toughness begins to break down. Please see a winner’s shining, trembling eyes when he speaks of the moment he felt utterly unconfident.

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When we are on our creative journey, the minor things require our awe. Even the tiniest components require our kind attention, focused gaze, and our caring observation. This awe, surprise, kindness, compassion is referred to as the primary aesthetic reaction of the heart in psychological terms. Beauty or aesthetics is not characterised in this immediate response by what is attractive to the human eye, smell, or shape. The uniqueness of things is where beauty lies.

The demand for creative mind is high. In recent years, creative skills have placed highly in reports from LinkedIn and the World Economic Forum, to name a few. Here’s what we realize: inquisitive and creative people are more likely to innovate.

Therefore, according to recent studies, creativity is one of the most critical abilities to have in the future. “What should I be when I grew older?” is one of the most common queries young people have. That is a difficult question to answer. Indeed, many future employment roles and skills are still to be developed. As per the Center for the Future of Work, a slew of new jobs will develop over the next ten years, some of which will “become pillars of the world of jobs.”

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