8 limiting subconscious beliefs that are causing you misery

Subconscious beliefs let us make decisions without requiring to actively think about them.

Most of our inner suffering is the product of living a life we wouldn’t want. It is because we’ve accepted a “standard” way of doing things and “rigidities” without even realizing it. These perceptions are subconscious beliefs until we actively think on them. The fundamentals of every culture tend to revolve around what we should be doing. There are multiple ways to do so.

We need modernity in our ways of thinking rather than looking. We are stabbing ourselves as we seek to move forward in our current “modern” system. Here are eight of the most common subconscious beliefs/misbeliefs we hold that are impeding the inner bliss-

1. Difficulties are obstacles

You believe “difficulties” are roadblocks to reaching your goals when, in fact, they are roads. 

“The impediment to action advances action,” writes Marcus Aurelius.

Simply put, hitting a “challenge” compels you to take action in order to overcome it. That decisive action will take form. Decisiveness will eventually cause you to think, act, and decide differently. The “challenge” acts as a platform for you to achieve your goals.

2. Comfort is good and pain is bad

Your imagination of the life is the one you’ve always desired. It simply pushes you out of your comfort zone. You believe that comfort is “good” and fear and misery are “bad” when it comes to following your “personal feeling.”

When you consider pursuing something you absolutely adore and are invested in, you will experience anxiety and sadness. Primarily, this happens because it will require you to be vulnerable. Bad feelings aren’t necessarily significant obstacles. They’re also signs that you’re working on something both scary and powerful. You would feel indifferent about something if you didn’t want to do it. Fear equals curiosity.

3. You are determined by your past

You believe your past determines you, and worse yet, we think we cannot transform the outcomes. But in actuality, your perspective of the past evolves with your growth.subconscious beliefs

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Since experience is constantly multi-dimensional, we can choose from a wide range of ideas, sensations, emotions, and “memories” to recall.

And what we chose reflects your current mental state. So many people get trap themselves in letting their past dictate or haunt them. Simply because they haven’t grown to the point where they can understand how their past helped them reach the life they desire.

This does not imply that you should ignore or gloss over sad or traumatic situation. Rather, you should be able to remember them with compassion and cope with them.

4. You can change your mindset without experiencing

You believe that changing your beliefs requires adopting a mindset change rather than seeking an experience that allows that frame of mind to be noticeable.

Every belief, including those about yourself, is learned and conditioned through experience. – James Clear

A belief is something you accept as authentic as it has been proven to you through experience. Transform your views if you want to transform your life. Go out and seek different experiences that make your beliefs genuine to you if you’re changing your mindset. It’s not the other way around. Since you’re afraid of actually experiencing them, you unnecessarily create issues and difficulties in your life.

5. Avoiding responsibility can be the way

The habit of creating difficulties in your life unnecessarily is a form of escape. It takes your attention away from having expose yourself to fear or be responsible for whatever you’re terrified of. You’re never unhappy for the reasons you believe you are. You are simply afraid of being yourself and enjoying the life you want since it makes you more vulnerable and responsible.

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6. Negative emotions should be avoided

When we associate anger with the assertion of self, we try to change other people, events, and things (or you say bad things and get unhappy about them). You’re finding an isolated component of oneself in most negative emotional reactions.

You have certain aspects of yourselves others characterized as “not fine,” so you suppressed them. You did everything in your power to avoid accepting them. However, you don’t utterly hate these aspects of yourself. So it irritates you when you see someone else exhibit one of these characteristics. Not because you hate it essentially, but because you have to resist your urge to accept it into your consciousness fully.

The qualities you admire in others are the qualities you admire in yourself. You can’t recognize the flaws in yourself that you criticize in others.

7. Success is a destination- Another limiting subconscious belief

“Success is a journey not a destination. The doing is usually more important than the outcome. Not everyone can be Number 1.”Arthur Ashe

We exaggerate our troubles by believing that success is a destination to which we “reach.” So we’re always attempting to take a picture of your life to check if we’re still pleased. We persuade ourselves that each given incident reflects our worth, hence our lives. Because we’ve been programmed to assume that success is a destination, we keep comparing our lives with that destination.

“Is this all? Is this what’s there in our destinies?” we ask ourselves. Because we forget that everything is transient, and no single thing lasts forever. There is no such thing as “reaching the destination.” The only prerequisite is how much you can expand yourself in the process/journey, not the destination itself.

Subconscious belief #8. We know what makes us happy

We think that living your best life is as simple as determining what you want and then moving after it. However, we are psychologically unable to do so. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to foresee what will make us joyful.

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Because your brain can only understand what it already knows, when we pick what to do, we’re actually just replicating a solution or desirable events from the past.

We believe we failed when things didn’t go our way since we didn’t recreate what you liked. While, in reality, we probably came up with something much better. But because it was alien, your brain misunderstood it as “bad.” Living in the now isn’t a fancy concept useful for the monks. It is the only way our brains can utilize the energies. This power of being in the present lets us conquer the subconscious beliefs that hamper our growth. 

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