In the last blog about critical thinking , it was described as- “reasonable, reflective thinking that’s focused on deciding what to believe or do.” and “deciding what’s true and what you must do.” 

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”


Benefits of Critical Thinking

Researches claim that human brain experiences around sixty thousand thoughts in a day. And this makes it necessary for us to know what to discard and what to use. Here comes critical thinking- it is sweet for society as a full. But what are some benefits of critical thinking on a personal level? Why is critical thinking essential for us?

1.Key for career success

Critical thinking is crucial for several career paths. Not only for scientists, but lawyers, doctors, reporters, engineers, accountants, and analysts (among many others) should use critical thinking in their positions. In fact, consistent with the Globe Economic Forum, critical thinking is one of the foremost desirable skills to own within the workforce because it helps analyze information, think outside the box, solve problems with innovative solutions, and plan systematically.

2. Better decision making as critical thinking benefit

There’s little doubt about it — critical thinkers make the most effective choices. Critical thinking helps us accommodate everyday problems as they are available our way, and incredibly often, this thought process is even done subconsciously. It helps us think independently and trust our gut feeling.

decision making and critical thinking

3. Can cause you to happiness!

While this often goes unnoticed, being in reality with yourself and having a deep understanding of why you think that the way you think can cause you to be happier. Critical thinking can facilitate you better understand yourself and successively, avoid any quite harmful or limiting beliefs, and focus more on your strengths. Having the ability to share your thoughts can increase your quality of life.

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4. Form well-informed opinions

There is no shortage of data coming at us from all angles. And that’s precisely why we’d like to use our critical thinking skills. This makes us choose for ourselves what to believe. Critical thinking allows us to confirm that our opinions are supported by the facts and helps us sort through all that extra noise.

5. Better citizens

One of the top inspiring critical thinking quotes is by former US president Thomas Jefferson. He said,  “An educated citizenry may be a vital requisite for our survival as a people.” What Jefferson is stressing to us here is that critical thinkers make better citizens. Because they’re ready to see the whole picture without getting sucked into biases and propaganda.

6. Improves relationships 

While you’ll be convinced that being a critical thinker is absolute to cause you problems in relationships. However, this really couldn’t be less true! Being a critical thinker can allow you to understand the angle of others higher and might facilitate you to become more open-minded towards different views.

7. Promotes curiosity

Critical thinkers are constantly interested in all types of things in life and possess an extensive range of interests. Critical thinking means constantly asking questions. Also, it is being desirous to know more about why, what, who, where, when, and everything else. This, in turn, will help them be of a situation or concept, never taking anything at face value.

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”

—Albert Einstein

8. Allows For Creativity

Critical thinkers are highly creative and see themselves as limitless when it involves possibilities. They’re constantly looking to require things further, which is crucial within the workforce. To learn the skill of creativity, refer to chapter one of  the book 15 Values of Intelligent Living.

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critical thinking
A critical thinker is creative and happy

9. Enhances Problem Solving Skills

Those with critical thinking skills tend to resolve problems as a part of their instinct. Critical thinkers are patient and committed to solving the matter. As Albert Einstein, one in every of the simplest critical thinking examples, said- “It’s not that I’m so smart; it’s just that I stick with problems longer.” Critical thinkers’ enhanced problem-solving skills make them better at their jobs. And makes us better at solving the world’s biggest problems. Like Einstein, they need the potential to change the planet.

10. An Activity For The Mind

Just like our muscles, our minds also need exercise and challenges to be strong. Therefore, it’s safe to mention that critical thinking is sort of like an activity for the mind — and it needs practice. Critical thinking encourages the many crucial skills like intelligence, higher cognitive process, and open-mindedness.

11. Creates independence

When we think critically, we predict on our own as we trust ourselves more. Critical thinking is essential to making independent and inspiring students create their own decisions and form their own opinions.

“The most fundamental attack on freedom is the attack on critical thinking.”

– Travis Nichols

12. Crucial life skill

Critical thinking is crucial not only for learning but for life overall! Also, if  we introspect, critical learning isn’t just some way to organize ourselves always. But it’s just about life itself.

In conclusion, learning could be a lifelong process that we bear every day. Here is the link for critical thinking and its relevance and other 21-century skills.

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